On The Go


Posts about managing near-o waste when you’re away from home (in order from oldest to most recent):

Cuppow!: mason jar turned travel mug

Ditch The Doggy Bag: bring you own container for restaurant leftovers

Jambalicious: smoothies without waste

Figuring Out Takeout: burritos sans trash

Bring Your Own Mug: it’s the easiest thing ever!

Ready. Set. Let’s Roll…: the most amazing road trip and our efforts to keep it Near-O

Bugged and Debugged: trying to be better on the second Near-O road trip

If you’re a teacher: Take Me To School: transforming my K/1 classroom

Smells Like Easter: homemade vinegar wipes

One and Done: taking fewer pictures, even when traveling 

Kissing Collections Goodbye: no more souvenirs

Book Review: Dude Making a Difference: check out this guy’s road trip!!!

N.O.W. idea #1: Bring Your Own Bag (for everything!): Reusable grocery bags aren’t just for groceries!

Our preferred way of travel: Road Trips: Semi-Green and Totally Unforgettable

N.O.W. idea #3: Put Utensils in Your Glovebox: fork, knife, spoon, check!

N.O.W. idea #4: Bring Your Own Coffee Mug: keep disposables out of the landfill

N.O.W. idea #8: Designate a Purse Napkin: make room for a new resident

Zero Waste Guide to Seabright (Santa Cruz, CA): how to get around my favorite neighborhood without having to “pack your trash” ’cause you won’t have any!

N.O.W. idea #10: Make a Good2Go Kit: get your gear ready for action

7 Days in the Hospital: Reflections on Zero Waste, Plastic, and Life in General: What I learned during the scariest week of my life

Flying Near-O: Travel Tips From Above: Taking Near-O into the sky and across the country

Is Waste-Free Freedom Possible?: Here’s what I think…

N.O.W. idea #17: Make Your Potluck Near-O: go trash-free for your next potluck.