Flying Near-O: Travel Tips from Above

Our family just road tripped through the Mid-Atlantic states, but before we could drive we had to fly across the country, which presented some new challenges for Near-O Waste traveling. I wasn’t aiming for a no-trash trip, but in an effort to make less trash

I carried on a tote bag of essential gear (including my purse). Once we arrived, my coffee mug mostly stayed in the car, which made for a lighter load. I also carried a zip-up reusable bag (added after I took this picture), which came in handy for grocery shopping.

I packed clothes in my water jug and a cooler so I could refill my water bottle and keep food cold with reusable icepacks on the go.

In the airport, after going through security, I refilled my water bottle at a cafe (tiny “water” lever below the lemonade), and on the plane I ate my own bulk snacks and ordered a club soda (whole can, no cup, no straw). Southwest recycles!

Now as for how these efforts played out over the course of a three-week vacation…

It was never difficult to refill my water jug. I did so at Whole Foods, Walmart, and the homes of our gracious hosts. Most of our continental breakfasts offered water, but it smelled like chlorine.

It was easy to use my coffee mug at the hotel, but it wasn’t practical to lug it around all day, plus I had to stash it outside twice because glass wasn’t allowed at the Statue of Liberty or The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

My metal container was useful for baked goods and was actually much better than a paper or plastic bag because I was able to toss the leftovers into my tote and not worry about them getting smashed or messy.

I only used my steel pint once, my glass straw twice, and my chopsticks not at all, but the other gear was pretty useful, especially the bamboo spoon and fork. When I did use my pint, I was gazing at the Brooklyn Bridge and the New York City skyline with the best of company. Cheers to summer vacation.




2 thoughts on “Flying Near-O: Travel Tips from Above

  1. Nadine July 20, 2016 / 2:51 am

    Traveling is still a huge challenge for me. I just posted about my road trip efforts going to Vancouver Island and Seattle, and will soon post about my more challenging long haul overseas, as I’ll be in England and Germany until August without much of my ZW gear :(. Well done on your conscious efforts!

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    • Near-O Waste July 22, 2016 / 7:28 am

      Good luck! And have a great visit 🙂


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