N.O.W. idea #10: Make a “Good2Go Kit”

If you’ve been following my N.O.W. ideas this year, you’re probably already toting reusable bags, a water bottle, a coffee mug, a cloth napkin, and utensils around in your car. Why not add a few more essentials and be ready for zero waste anytime, anywhere?!

My collection is indeed extensive, but I’m not carrying it on me; I just grab what I need from a crate in my trunk…

Good2Go Kit, cooler, and growlers.

My Good2Go Kit includes:

  • water bottle
  • (another) water bottle for smoothies
  • glass straw
  • jars for kids’ smoothies (glass jam jars with Cuppow lids)
  • coffee mug
  • cloth bread bag
  • 10-inch cake pan for bagels, burritos, muffins, etc.
  • steel pints for liquids like beer or soup (when only disposable cups are available)
  • bamboo utensils and chopsticks for takeout (or sit-down) meals
  • cloth napkins for wiping up
  • jar with tare label in case we stop for a bulk snack
  • jar or snap-lid container for leftovers or takeout that needs to be covered
  • reusable bag for whatever
  • cloth produce bag
  • sandwich wrap (or Bee’s Wrap) for baked goods
  • stainless steel plates or bowls for serving kids
  • vinegar wipes (which I always carry in my purse)


The key to success is washing used items right away and putting them back where they belong! 

My Good2Go Kit makes Near-O Waste easy, whether you’re out for the day or taking a road trip. But if you’re traveling on foot, you might want to take Kathryn Kellogg’s advice!