Posts about “Near-O Waste” (N.O.W.) living and likeminded friends (in order from oldest to most recent):

Near-O Waste: how this adventure (and this blog) began

I’m Not Alone: there’s a whole network of bloggers like me!

This Earth Day, Go Near-O: ideas for getting started, any day

In Case You Were Wondering: zero waste Q&A

Does Near-O Waste Cost Less?: am I saving any money here?

Mind Body Green…!: my first article on MBG: 10 Simple Ways to Stop Making So Much Trash

Book Review: Dude Making a Difference: this guy rocks!

Starting N.O.W. (Near-O-Waste) Gradual Steps in a New Direction: reflecting upon my first year of Near-O Waste and inviting readers to try a new idea every other week, in order to make less trash, minimize, and simplify.

N.O.W. idea #6: Read Zero Waste Home: After reading about the queen of Zero Waste, I’m happier than ever that I claimed the term Near-O… ’cause no one gets to zero! Seriously though, this book is amazing! 

As Seen in “Made Local Magazine”: almost famous 🙂

7 Days in the Hospital: Reflections on Zero Waste, Plastic, and Life in General: What I learned during the scariest week of my life

N.O.W. idea #13: Switch to Single TP Rolls: ready for a campfire

N.O.W. idea #15: Love Your Local Library: and teach your kids to love it too

N.O.W. idea #18: Help Me Spread the Word About Near-O Waste: Thank you in advance!

Back in My Near-O waste Classroom: changes for the new school year

Keeping it Simple: My Ten (Near-O) Amendments: finally finding a balance and my sanity!