Smells Like Easter

Every time I use a homemade vinegar wipe, I’m reminded of dyeing Easter eggs. The potent smell takes some getting used to, but I just adore these wipes for grubby hands in sink-less situations (and when I read this, I loved them even more). Give them a try and see for yourself…

First: gather a large mixing bowl, white vinegar, and a stack of flannel squares. You could use old pillow cases or pajamas if you’ve got some to spare, but my mom always has a surplus of fabric, so I got lucky.

Next: put equal parts water and vinegar into the bowl until you have enough liquid to submerge the flannel pieces. Let them become saturated, then wring them out. They should be moist, but not drippy.


Then: fold the pieces to fit your desired container. I keep a large tub in my car and smaller boxes in my purse and my son’s lunchbox.


These boxes came from playing cards; the one and only souvenir I still collect on trips (one deck per state). This is a *perfect* reuse.

Don’t forget to include the kids. Mine love helping with this project.



These wipes also make a practical, near-o waste gift. I gave my friend a set with clean/dirty boxes and a jar of refills.


I wash the wipes with my regular laundry and stockpile them until I have enough to prepare another batch. A word of caution: Do not use these wipes on open wounds or near the eyes. But other than that, happy wiping! P.S. They do not “go bad”.





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  1. mrscolleenblack September 29, 2015 / 2:51 pm

    Awesome – I really need to do something like this. Especially for when camping and it’s HOT and sticky and grubby! Great post – thanks for sharing!


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