I take my boys to Jamba Juice every Wednesday before their gymnastics class, and since the new year I’ve been bringing my own containers. I order a large smoothie in a water bottle and put my boys’ portions in sippy cups, which are *much* less messy than the Jamba cups with the all-too-tempting straws that are so easily removed… and replaced… and removed… and replaced. In a year we’re saving 156 cups, straws, and lids, plus a grand total of $5.20 from the accumulated “bring your own cup” discounts. Cha-ching! My bottle isn’t glass and the produce isn’t organic, but we’re reducing waste and enjoying a scrumptious weekly treat together… although my son, in a just-woke-up-from-my-nap mood, wasn’t enjoying the fact that I made him stop drinking to take a picture.


If you’re using Re-Play recycled sippy cups for Jamba Juice, be sure to remove the silicone valve inside!