N.O.W. idea #4: Bring Your Own Coffee Mug

I took my students to our local health food store to teach them how to shop Near-O Waste styleOur field trip ended at the store’s cafe, where I filled my coffee mug and proudly pointed out my sign in the window:

IMG_6600  coffeecups

This idea clearly made an impression on my student, Ruby. Her mother reported that she was on her way out to meet a friend for coffee and Ruby said, “Mom, did you get your reusable mug? You don’t have to get one that you throw away, you know.” A few minutes later, with no sign of the mug, Ruby said, “Did you get it yet? I can find it for you if you want.” The mother, by now persuaded, got a mug for herself and her friend, as Ruby continued to talk about cloth produce bags and getting meat in a glass container.

I bring Near-O Waste into my curriculum whenever possible. Showing children how to take care of the planet (and teach their parents new tricks!) is a powerful way to change the future.

Listen to the wise words of a first grader and bring your reusable mug.

We usually make coffee at home, but we keep mugs in the car in case we stop for a refill. Be prepared. And feel good about making a difference.

Love our mason jars with Cuppow lids and homemade denim sleeves.

One thought on “N.O.W. idea #4: Bring Your Own Coffee Mug

  1. Inge February 28, 2016 / 8:54 pm

    That’s so wonderful! I think that in some cases it’s hard to reach the parents but if the kids are into it, the parents might be much easier persuaded. Good job, Andrea!

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