N.O.W. idea #8: Designate a “Purse Napkin”

Save the trees! You don’t need them to dry your hands. When you’re out and about, skip over resource-intensive paper towels and use the cloth napkin you just started carrying in your purse! If it gets damp throughout the day, lay it out to dry on your dashboard while you’re driving, or hang it on your steering wheel when you’re parked. I use a small cocktail-style napkin for daily drying and traveling.

From the bar to the bathroom!

It also comes in handy at restaurants that provide paper napkins. When I’m seated at my favorite sushi place, I politely hand my napkin and disposable chopsticks to our server and say, “May I give these back to you? I brought my own…”

Go ahead… make it a zero waste meal!

My *one and only* purse holds cash, cards, homemade lip balm, homemade vinegar wipes, keys, iPhone, my pills, a pen, and (of course) a cloth napkin! I’m sure yours has room for a new resident. If not, maybe it’s time to declutter!