Posts about birthdays and holidays (in order from oldest to most recent):

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Best, Zach (Owner of The Penny): the ice cream shop’s response

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Gifts That Go Away: how I feel about gifts

Underdoing Christmas: keeping it simple, affordable, and meaningful

Christmas $pending, Part 1: what we spent on Christmas

Christmas $pending, Part 2: what we spent on Christmas

E-card, Free Card, No-waste-from-me Card: digital holiday greetings

N.O.W. @ My Son’s Birthday: how I kept his party low-trash

My Parents, Our Neighbors, Reimagining the American Dream: celebrating the most important things in life

N.O.W. idea #23: Give Near-O Gifts: Give without creating trash, guilt, or clutter

N.O.W idea #24: Rethink Wrapping: let’s get creative…