E-card, Free Card, No-waste-from-me Card

I sent out e-cards for the holidays a few years back because, honestly, I didn’t want to buy stamps and address envelopes. The following year, we sent actual cards, mostly because I felt like I was supposed to (and they were pretty cute). But this year, we’re back to e-cards, only now I have an acceptable excuse: e-cards are zero waste (and I’m being “environmentally responsible”, saving time, money, and trees)!

You might think it’s not the same as a “real card”, and I get it. But I’m sending warm wishes to our loved ones, just the same…

2015: Our year in review

My husband and I designed our card on a MacBook using the program Pages, but there are also e-card services with limited free options or more choices for a small fee.

I was super appreciative of a friend who took me off her mailing list and texted me a picture of her card instead, but just for the record, we still thoroughly enjoyed the cards we got via “snail mail”.

Happy Y’all-idays!


2 thoughts on “E-card, Free Card, No-waste-from-me Card

  1. Natalie T. December 21, 2015 / 11:02 pm

    Great family photos for this ecard! Looks fun and far more personalized than generic ecards and oftentimes, paper cards as well. I would certainly prefer to receive this type of ecard in my inbox over the others!

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  2. litterless December 24, 2015 / 2:12 am

    So glad you wrote about this. Holiday cards have been one of the harder parts of going zero waste/being sustainable – such a nice tradition, but I hate that they just end up in the trash/recycling. I should look into e-cards for next year!

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