Best, Zach (Owner of The Penny)

I was so happy to read this response from the owner of The Penny:

Hello Andrea,

I hope you will be happy to learn that it has been our policy for years to encourage customers to bring their own ice cream vessels. Back in 2010 when I worked the counter every day I was inspired to do this by a barista at The Buttery who would come in a couple times a week with her Ball jar for a scoop. Not only does ice cream look great in a glass container but glass imparts no weird flavors, doesn’t get soggy, and is infinitely recyclable! We even offer a discount when you bring your own vessel (see attached screenshot from our register). Of course this discount is geared more towards the single scoop folks but we love the 12 scoopers as well! FYI this discount is also available at our sister shop The Picnic Basket for coffee drinkers, etc.
With regard to your experience, it seems like this was a simple lack of training on our part and awareness on the part of the scooper. I will make sure that all our staff know about the policy so that next time you will have a flack free experience. Thankfully we don’t have to deal with all the cumbersome labeling rules that the brewery folk do! As a token of appreciation for bringing this to our attention I’d like to send you a gift certificate if you care to pass along a mailing address.
Congratulations on your near-o waste endeavor, I look forward to following your blog.
Zachary Davis
Owner, The Penny Ice Creamery