A Gift That Plants Memories

We’re going to a birthday party for a three-year-old today and we’re bring a different sort of gift, with Near-O Waste in mind. My son picked out three types of seeds for his friend, which are organic and developed by a local woman in our community. We put the seeds in a flower pot along with the cutest little pair of Mud gardening gloves, whose company motto is “our roots are our strength”. My son tried them on to make sure they would fit a three-year-old and repeated my words, “These will be perfect for Owen!”. To the gift we added a jar (which we’d saved for repurposing) filled with some soil from the 1-ton cubic yard we bought that same day for our garden bed. I made the gift tag with a piece of cardboard from our scrap box and attached it to the lid with rolled-up strips of a price sticker that I’d saved from buying meat. I hope this gift will be one that Owen can enjoy with his family; during planting, while watching his seeds grow, and of course while snacking on some healthy homegrown treats!