N.O.W. idea #24: Rethink Wrapping

I used to love buying fancy wrapping paper, shiny bows, and gift tags at Christmastime when I was a kid. When we finished opening presents, my dad would stuff it all into a few huge garbage bags. Oh, how the times have changed. I no longer see the need for traditional wrapping supplies. I’d rather save the money, the mess, and the waste.

Here are some ideas for recycled or reusable wrapping:

  • Newspaper, kids artwork, or brown packing paper from an online order
  • Pillow cases and neckties
  • Homemade fabric drawstring bags
  • Sturdy, reusable decorative boxes with lids (my mom has a set that nests for easy storage).
  • Skip the wrapping altogether and give an unwrapped gift. 

I usually prefer gifts that go away, but for birthdays and Christmas, our kids get a few that stick around. And I don’t have to deal with a mountain of wrapping paper!


Now get creative and get wrapping!