N.O.W. idea #2: Stop Drinking Bottled Water

Disposable water bottles are made of plastic. Plastic is made by refining crude oil. It takes 17 million barrels of this resource per year to produce the water bottles Americans consume (and toss out). If you’re thinking But I recycle my water bottles!, you’re completely missing my point. If you filled a water bottle one-fourth of the way with oil, you would see how much is required to make that one bottle. There are so many products that harm the environment (including my iPhone and my favorite leather boots, gulp!). Eliminating plastic water bottles from your life is one very simple step in the right direction.

Don’t leave home without a *stainless steel or glass* reusable bottle! If you think you’ll drink its contents in a day, but might not be able to refill, bring a backup supply along. (My husband keeps a 2-gallon jug in his truck for the workweek and we borrow it for road trips and camping. Yes, it’s plastic, but at least it’s reusable, and much lighter than glass!) And if the occasion calls for something a little fancier, try adding fresh squeezed lemon or lime juice to filtered tap water, or buy sparkling water in a glass bottle.


Today is the perfect day to start using the forgotten water bottle in your cabinet, or to buy the bottle you never had. Make the commitment and ditch single-use plastic water bottles for good. I haven’t used one in over a year (except that one time when we couldn’t find a place to refill our jug and thought it wise to buy a gallon before we headed across the Sonoran Desert with two young children and no AC… in July.)

If I can do it, you can do it!

no water bottles
My husband has recently turned over a new leaf, and now makes his *own* Near-O Waste efforts (like bringing a jar for Jamba Juice and carrying a water jug in his truck.) I hope these are the last water bottles I will ever see in my house!

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  1. jackimay January 25, 2016 / 10:13 am

    If you live by an IKEA, they sell 1 L glass bottles (silicone ring and plastic *sigh* stopper on a flip top) for less than $5! We have 6 of them and use some for getting milk from the farm but they make awesome water bottles.

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