N.O.W. idea #5: Switch to Cloth Produce Bags

I shop for groceries twice a week. I use about five produce bags on each trip. That’s 10 bags a week, 40 bags a month, 480 bags per year. Whether or not I recycle or compost the bags (if they are in fact recyclable or compostable), that’s still almost 500 bags I’m using up. 500 bags that required resources and energy to produce. And there’s a good chance they’ll end up at the landfill.

But wait! My bags are cloth! I’m using the same ten bags week after week and they’ll last for many years, replacing thousands of plastic bags. They’re always in my reusable grocery bag. I use them until they get dirty (potatoes?) or wet (lettuce?), then toss them in with the laundry. When they’re clean, they go right back into my grocery bag.

Reusable produce bags are available at grocery stores and online, or you could handcraft them! Once you make the small investment, you’ll be good to go. Ten bags would be plenty, and you could probably even get away with five. Stop suffocating your beautiful, nourishing fruits and veggies in plastic disposables and choose to swaddle them in cloth (organic cotton being my favorite).

Your produce is waiting…