Near-O Waste

When a new year rolls around I’ve always got a trick up my sleeve. It’s not necessarily a “resolution”, but more like a new experience. In 2006 it was: Take videos- of everything- all year long. I did, and ended up with 7 hours of footage that I whittled down to 60 minutes of priceless memories. The moments within those minutes capture the essence of my grandma, who passed away two years later, and the wild times I had with my husband before we were even “official”. In 2008 it was: Teach myself to decorate cakes. I did, and with great satisfaction. Now I have the tools and the skills to create custom cakes for my sons on their birthdays. In 2012 it was: Eliminate added sugar and processed foods from our diet. We were religious about that one for half of the year, and have kept the sugar and processed foods at bay for the most part since then. In 2013 it was: See all 50 states with our boys before they graduate from high school. Obviously, we’re still working on that one, and rather diligently; we’re up to thirteen! Last year it was: Write one sentence to summarize the day, every day, all year. I did not miss a single day, and now that year has been documented in the back of a Shutterfly album for our family to enjoy. Now, in 2015, it is: Try out the “Zero Waste” lifestyle. Shortly after I committed to this challenge I thought: I’m calling it Near-O Waste (rhymes with Zero Waste) because we’re just going to get as near zero as we can… at least until we make it all the way! So there you have it; the new adventure for 2015, and I think it’s safe to say a permanent lifestyle change for The Randall Family. I invite you on a journey into Near-O Waste Land as we simplify our life, minimize trash, and do our part to preserve the planet. Follow this blog, get updates on Facebook, and spread the word to your friends. Three, Two, One, Near-O!