A Makeover Story: Home (Minimization) Improvements

It’s a little embarrassing to admit that I used to watch The Dating Story, The Wedding Story, The Baby Story, and The Makeover Story (back-to-back) on TLC when I was in college. Well, I’m done with dating, weddings, and babies, so the only thing left is a makeover. It’s not a makeover for hair, skin, or fashion (although I have given my wardrobe a lot of attention lately), but rather a makeover for the things in our house.

I first posted about minimizing a year and a half ago, and since then we’ve gone through a few more phases of downsizing and reorganizing. I thought it would be fun to do before-and-after pictures of areas in our house that have improved because we got rid of more stuff and ended up with more space.

LIVING ROOM: Our living room looks pretty much the same, except we did away with the indoor rug (our dog wouldn’t stay off of it so I finally solved the problem!) and we now keep our shoes outside. The small piece of artwork above the bookshelf has been moved to the kids’ bedroom and the dog leash now hangs in the bar. Our “monthly shelf” (below the bookshelf) is now a seasonal shelf, which allowed me to downsize from 12 storage boxes (January-December) to 4 (spring, summer, fall, and winter).

THE BAR: This was the old view of “the bar” when you walked up to it…


Here’s how it looks now!


We still have a few pint glasses and decorations inside, and it’s also where I keep my shopping bags and jars.


THE KITCHEN: Napkins have been moved to a drawer that we were able to clear out. The toaster is stored in a lower cabinet and the mixer in the closet. My meal plan calendar is now on my phone instead of the fridge.

CLOSET: This funky closet next to our clothes closet is where we have a filing cabinet (office supplies, kids’ dress up clothes, and packing material), yoga mats and weights, travel and emergency backpacks, and my husband’s guitar. It looks a little less cluttered now that the packing materials are in a drawer.

THE CLOSET: Way less clothes! 

THE PLAYROOM: This is the playroom several months ago…

And this is how it looks now: stuffed animals are in “sleeping bags” (pillow cases) on the kids’ beds, trucks have been donated or moved to a shelf, memory boxes are in the trundle drawer under the bunkbeds, the fire station was donated, other toys are in the toy shop, flags are on the ceiling in the attic (which is now an additional play space because it’s near-empty), and the red kitchen is used for Lego storage.

THE TOY SHOP: We went from three walls of shelves down to one. So much less! So much better!

KITCHEN CLOSET: It’s hard to tell from the picture, but this storage space has become much less crammed. I now have easy access to my crock pot, mixer, wok, large cake pans, cookie cutters, placemats, and fancy serving dish. I swear I’m a minimalist! (I wrote this post a few months ago and have since gotten rid of the ice cream maker and waffle iron.)

Oh, and I finally dealt with the tools, the camping gear, and the attic! This was one side of the attic before minimization…


And now… the makeover is complete!