N.O.W. idea #20: Pick a Category, Any Category (and minimize it!)

You might have gathered I’m a little obsessed with minimizing. And I’m trying to reel you in…! This week, if you have a few hours to spare, pick a category in your home to minimize. Maybe it’s shoes, tools, toys, office supplies, or kitchen gadgets. Whatever you choose, scour the entire house to collect everything that falls into that category.

Then get rid of duplicates, things you never use, don’t need, don’t like, or don’t want. “Get rid of” could mean take to Goodwill (or a similar organization), give to a friend, donate to a school or homeless shelter, recycle, or (sadly) send to the landfill.

You might be surprised at how much you have and how much you banish. And you just might find yourself picking another category! Happy minimizing.

Our little guy, ready for Goodwill (a year ago, when the minimizing began).