N.O.W. idea #14: Reduce Paper Mail

Opening mail is a nuisance. Every now and then, there’s something exciting like my kid’s report card or an invitation, but most of the time it’s bills, solicitations, and junk. All that mail isn’t just annoying; it’s a waste of paper and dealing with it is a waste of time.

There are services that will eliminate junk mail for you, but I chose to call each sender individually and ask to be removed from their mailing list. I also signed up for paperless billing with any companies that offer it. The process (and progress) was gradual because I made the calls as I received each type of mail, but I’ve noticed a huge improvement overall.

We still get mail from my husband’s union and investment companies because he hasn’t contacted them yet, and we’re currently getting a wave of statements from our son’s recent hospitalization.

Everything included, this is what piled up in our mailbox during a 23-day vacation.


Any mail we do receive gets recycled, shredded, or (very rarely) filed. And occasionally I’m back on the phone, fighting for my right to refuse junk mail!