Honey & Hay

Halfway between college and kids, my former roommate and I drove to Yellowstone National Park under the influence of The Bad Girl’s Guide to the Open Road.

I’ve still got it. And I’m not letting it go. It’s the only pink book in our Reading Rainbow!

We stopped along the way to admire The Snake River, mingle with the rodeo crowd, and climb rolls of hay. And we stocked up on packets of sugar and honey at the gas station coffee counter to make Bad Girl’s inspired body scrub. The stuff was amazing. I used it for a while after our tripbut eventually reverted to St. Ives.

A decade later, after my Near-O Waste transformation, I was searching for bath and beauty products that were natural and minimally packaged. It was then that I remembered my wild days and grabbed a shot glass (to make the body scrub, of course!).

Bulk sugar and honey.

I filled the glass half way up with sugar, filled half of the remaining space with honey, and mixed to create some gooey goodness, just like old times.



Presto- a pure, unpackaged, luxurious body scrub. And I didn’t even have to stop at the gas station.

I prefer the consistency of organic unrefined cane sugar, but if you think it’s too rough, try a finer variety. Either way, the results are smooth. This scrub makes a great gift. Just don’t let it be a gift for the ants!

2 parts sugar, 1 part honey. Mix thoroughly, scrub gently, and enjoy often.

I leave you with a page from my 2006 scrapbook that proves I made it to the top of a hay roll (bottom left). Not as easy as it sounds.