Ham-tastic, Less Plastic

When ham gets sliced at a deli, it’s divided into .2-pound portions, which are then wrapped in plastic, waiting to be sandwiched. When I buy that ham, a.) the portions get unwrapped, b.) the plastic sheets go into the garbage, and c.) the ham goes into my glass container. But the purpose of c.) is defeated by b.). So… I left my container at the deli to be filled with fresh sliced ham, before portioning. Yes, the whole ham was originally shrink wrapped, but at least now for me, there’s less plastic!

I buy a few pounds at a time and freeze it in repurposed jars. My husband was the first to eat the thawed out ham. The verdict: “It tastes like normal ham.” Phew!

I love my new strategy, but there’s just no way to make ham-in-a-jar look good…