The “Packaged Item Compromise”

As dedicated as I am to Near-O Waste, I just don’t have the heart to tell my kids we will never buy gummy bunnies again. So usually our snacks come from the bulk bins, but every month they get to choose one packaged item, and boy are they excited when this day comes!


In April, we’re bringing peanut butter-filled pretzels on a road trip to Portland and, to my five-year-old’s delight, they will be “unlimited”, which means he can have as many as he wants, whenever he wants. This is quite a contrast to our daily lives, where I (in his words) always have limits!

In May, we’ll be enjoying two types of crackers. I bought these a few months ago at a health food store, before I realized we should be choosing these rare snacks wisely (like in huge packages at Costco!). We get two boxes because the “best buy” dates are looming… and of course we can’t waste them!

In June, we’ll be going on another road trip to Texas, and we’ll be bringing enough gummy bunnies for each member of our family (4) to have one pack per day for nine days in a row. Pretty sure this is the kids’ most anticipated snack!

In July, we can dig into a scrumptious, irresistible, and seemingly endless bag of cheese clouds (if you haven’t seen these, they’re similar to Pirate’s Booty).

And then there’s the “beef jerky bonus” for my husband. This is an indulgence he misses a lot, and until we get around to making our own, we decided one package for each road trip would be appropriate.

I feel great about living a near-o waste lifestyle most of the time, and about making some reasonable compromises for my kids and my husband, who had no part in concocting this crazy idea called Near-O Waste, but have been super supportive of (almost) every drastic life change.


One thought on “The “Packaged Item Compromise”

  1. Matthew Randall March 27, 2015 / 12:38 am

    Great post, a good reminder that near-o waste doesn’t have to be taken to the extreme. Just like everything in life, if taken too seriously it can lose its fun , awesome job mrs. near-o!


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