I’m Not Alone!

I was recently invited to join a network of zero waste bloggers and I must say I was honored. It’s so exciting to connect with other people who are on the same mission! Check out these blogs about zero waste, homesteading, and other similar ventures:

Grunish, out of Oregon (This is the blogger who invited me to join the network. Thank you, Inge, and sorry… I couldn’t figure out how to add an umlaut over the “u” in Grunish!)

Zany Green Quest, out of California

Zero Waste Familie, out of Germany (but if you don’t speak German, good luck reading this one!)

Whistle Pig Hollow, out of Tennessee

My Zero Waste, out of the UK

A Dream Lived Greener, out of Canada

Zero Waste Girl, out of Washington DC

Mixed Media Musings, out of California

Zero Waste Blog, out of Germany

The Homesteading Hippy, out of Indiana

Striving for Zero Waste, out of California

Simply Zero, out of Germany (again, written in German)

My blog: Near-O Waste, out of California

And last but not least, the blogger whose story on NPR inspired me to start my own lifestyle change and blog: Lauren Singer of Trash is for Tossers, out of New York.

Which reminds me, I still haven’t said how I got where I am today… 2014 was coming to an end. I was flipping through a National Geographic long after my boys (husband included) had fallen asleep. There was an article about the human footprint with a picture of a family standing in front of their own personal mountain of garbage. That got me thinking: Let’s save our packaging for a year and see how much trash we make. Wouldn’t that be a meaningful visual for our kids? The next day I proposed the idea at breakfast and they seemed to be on board, but later that day I heard a story on NPR that changed my idea to: Better yet, let’s try not to make any trash in the first place! Once the idea of “Near-O Waste” got into my head, there was no stopping me! When my mom suggested that I start a blog, I thought it would be too much work (after all, I had just stopped making phonics puppets), but when my best friend suggested it, I was convinced. Kids always listen to their friends over their parents, right?

Thank you, NPR, for doing a story on Lauren Singer.

Thank you, Rebecca, for inspiring me to start a blog, for reading my posts religiously, and for your interest and support.

And thank you, Mom, for coming up with the spelling “near-o”, for making so many lifestyle changes right along with me, for being my number one fan, and for raising me with so many examples of creating from scratch and from the heart.



6 thoughts on “I’m Not Alone!

  1. Stephanie Sparling Williams March 24, 2015 / 11:39 pm

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    It’s a lonely world…BUT it doesn’t have to be! Check out the others who are striving to live waste-conscious and waste-free lifestyles! I was lucky enough to make this list. Thanks Andrea for collecting these blogs into your post, and thanks Inge for curating our contributions in this amazing new group!


  2. Michelle Millet March 25, 2015 / 12:31 am

    Reblogged this on Striving for Zero Waste and commented:
    Glad to be in such great company. Looking forward to sharing ideas and learning from my fellow zero waste attempting bloggers!


  3. ambdoa March 25, 2015 / 5:25 am

    Andrea, thank YOU for spurring me to greater heights! Your enthusiasm and dedication to your goals is an inspiration to me. Thanks also for sharing these blogs. It is inspiring to see so many people from such diverse areas with slightly different perspectives or approaches all working toward the same goals.


  4. Rachelle Strauss March 25, 2015 / 7:30 am

    Thanks for sharing your list of Zero Waste enthusiasts around the world and for including my site. It’s lovely to see this is a global interest!


  5. zanygreenquest March 25, 2015 / 10:29 am

    Reblogged this on zanygreenquest and commented:
    Lots of other zero wasters, take a peek at their awesome blogs 😀


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