The Parchment Stands Alone

I’m happy to report that we’re out of Ziplocks, plastic wrap, aluminum foil, and muffin wrappers… and we’re not buying any of them again! The only purchased item left in my “food prep and storage drawer” is parchment paper. I refuse to say goodbye this one, so I was super excited when I found a brand that’s compostable!


FullSizeRender_2 FullSizeRender

Also in this drawer: a collection of random paper scraps that we reuse for notes, a few used- but still clean- plastic baggies that I came across during spring cleaning (yeah, I’m a little early!), and some foil that I salvaged from a burrito splurge, just in case! Now these items seem sort of like treasures.

My old friends have been replaced with a plethora of new storage containers (mostly glass, but some stainless steel and plastic), and I will say this has been an investment… but we never have to buy Ziplocks, plastic wrap, or foil again… and fortunately for me, half of our collection was a gift from my mom! My favorite brands are Think Baby, Wean Green, Frigoverre, glass Snapware, and Duralex.

Here is our infamous “dish-card pile”, where all the clean dishes that live on the other side of the kitchen go, along with the storage containers that get used so frequently that we never even put them away.


There… that’s better!



And here they are being put to one of their many uses: freezer storage!


I also use this trick that I learned from my mom: put leftovers in a bowl with a plate on top, no container necessary!


Parchment paper, I hope you’re not too lonely.

P.S. If You Care does make compostable muffin wrappers, but I think I’ll stick to the old school method of buttering and flouring from here on out…